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My name is Ben, I am a Photographer, Traveller, Explorer. Nice to meet you!

A great deal of my work wherever I am in the world is about exploring those things in the everyday that we often overlook.

As a newcomer to the Southampton area of the UK in 2009, I naturally chose to explore and interrogate my surroundings and decided to do so through the medium of photography. From early on, meeting new people, getting to know the area, and finding new places is where my practice focused.

Since moving to Austin, Texas in 2012 my work has focused on the quietly tucked away natural beauty of the state in my Rest Stop Area project, the beautiful landscapes of the west coast, and ongoing photography for the Rockin’ City Roller Derby Team.

I also love to play D&D, illustrate, paint and woodwork.

| About Me |

Available for commercial projects and commissions